When is the Best Time to have Whey

Whey protein is every workout buff’s favourite supplement. But not every gym trainee/trainer is au fait with its right intake timing.

The extra attention given to fitness and looks in the fashion world has elevated the rank of healthy foods for men. And if you are a gym freak, you’d be familiar with the over-hyped protein source, Whey. Whey is actually a by-product of cheese and the most digestible form of protein. All your favorite sports stars and bodybuilder actors consume it generously.

But do you know when should this wonder powder be taken for best results? Check it out.

When is the Best Time to have Whey


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1.Take Whey before Workout:

You trainer must have said this a million time but only if you paid heed. Whey does create a positive nitrogen balance in the body that leads to protein synthesis and muscle building. So try consuming 25-30 g of Whey protein right before your resistance training session.

Take Whey before Workout


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2.Have a Whey Shake after your Gym session:

If you forgot to take Whey protein before your workout, take a sip immediately after the class. This is because you just strained your muscles way too much and need good amount of nutrients for repair and re-growth. Since your muscles exhibit a sponge-like property, whey easily absorbs in for better results.

Have a Whey Shake after your Gym session


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3.Sip up Whey in the morning:

You haven’t eaten for hours and need to prepare your body for routine tasks. Whey serves as a great breakfast to feed your muscles after long hours of starvation.

When is the Best Time to have Whey


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4.Have it before bedtime:

Sleep time is metabolism time. Since your body is breaking down and absorbing food, whey protein can help a great deal in providing the necessary amino acids to aid digestion.

Have it before bedtime

Now you know when exactly to have your share of the shake. So make way for muscle!