What Should Be Your Cardio Routine To Gear Up For The Long Weekend This Raksha Bandhan?

Having an attractive physique will always keep the Rakhis off you. As long as a girl finds you attractive, it would be very difficult for her to bro-zone you. This is something that every guy should to use to his advantage because no one would want to be turned into a Rakhi-brother by his crush. The most important thing is maintaining a good physique. Here are a few cardio work-outs that might help you out:



1. The “55” Workout:

Start by doing one body-weight squat and 10 pushups. Rest for 30 seconds, and then do 2 squats and 9 pushups. Gradually work your way up to 10 squats and down to 1 pushup. You’ll complete 55 reps of each exercise by the time you’re done—and reap both the cardiovascular benefit of aerobic training and the muscular pump of a strength session. This enhances rapid muscle gain and also increased your stamina.



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2. 10-Meter Sprints:

Find an area where you can sprint for 10 meters. Once you’ve covered the distance, pause just long enough to inhale and exhale once through your nose. Sprint back and pause, this time inhaling and exhaling twice through your nose. Continue the drill—breathing normally as you sprint, and adding an additional nose inhalation and exhalation when you pause—until you can no longer breathe through your nose. This method is known as a burnout workout; the reason being that it burns accumulated fat rapidly. It will help you lose weight in no time.



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3. Jumping-Jack Pyramid:

Do as many jumping jacks as you can in 10 seconds; rest for an equal amount of time. Next, do as many jumping jacks as you can in 20 seconds, and rest 20 seconds. Then do 30 seconds of jumping jacks followed by 30 seconds of rest. Now work your way back down the pyramid (30, 20, and 10). Repeat three times. This particular workout has been designed solely for the purpose of increasing endurance and flexibility.



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These workouts have been particularly designed to help people get fit in a structured way while being economical about time. We hope these workout schedules help you get fit for the Raksha Bandhan weekend!