What happens when you resume your workout after a long while

Unlike reading a book, you cannot resume your workout from where you left off. There are a million reasons that can take away all our enthusiasm and zest for working out. However, if you get a sudden onset of motivation and are nervous about it is absolutely normal. Go for a 15-minute walk or a 10-minute run, whichever you last, to test your body’s stamina. So here’s what you should do after reality hits!

What happens when you resume your workout after a long while


1. Consult your Physician or Trainer :

Taking a break from your daily routine of working out will slowly cause you to become out of shape. If you had stopped working out because of an illness, it is absolutely imperative to consult your doctor before resuming. However, it is always advisable to check with a physician or trainer as the body needs to gear up for strenuous activities.

Consult your Physician or Trainer

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2. Warm Up :

There is a chance that when you resume your workout after a long break you will lack your old stamina and flexibility. So start slowing by walking, stretching and jogging in intervals. You have to prepare your body and gradually increase your workout duration and intensity. Warming up will help your muscles open up and prevent pain or injuries later.

Warm Up

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3. Enjoy your Workout :

If you are passionate about your workout you are less likely to give up. Boredom is one of the main reasons people break their routine. Listening to music while working out helps in improving your mood and pushes you to work harder. When you resume your workout after a long break the body is limp. It is important to improve your core strength and then speed, both of which you cannot achieve if you don’t look forward to exercising.

Enjoy your Workout

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4. Time :

It doesn’t matter why you quit, what matters is that you want to resume your workout. Just like our brains, our body also needs to be constantly active. After a long break, take time out for your body and slowly start exercising. Your body will take some time to get back to the level of fitness you had, as it has been in a lethargic state for a long time. Generally, it takes six weeks of regular exercise for the body to resume its pace. If your body gives you signals of fatigue or pain, listen to it. Stop when your muscles begin to tire as pushing them may cause a tear or rupture. Give your body time to adapt after a long break and then fuel your workout will all the stored up energy.


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Quitting the gym is unavoidable some times, but if you have pursued it with dedication in the past, you will go back to it once you have a chance, and when you do, keep the things written above in mind.