Top 5 Ways To Have A Great Workout

Do you miss those good old days when each and every workout left you fresh, challenging and a welcome soreness for the next day?

It is very much possible to get stuck in an exercise routine that is just a routine. And after a while it stops being effective.

However there are ways in which you can incorporate a few changes in your mundane routine and you can start feeling continual results. Create a proactive workout plan which is a fresh change from your regular schedule. Follow the below pointers to get a more healthier and energetic workout session.

Do A Pose:




Striking a strength pose is the best remedy for a mundane workout session. Contract a muscle and hold it in which will provide strength and endurance benefits which otherwise cannot be done via traditional exercises. You can test it out by doing the stability ball wall squat.

Incorporate Instability:




A little balancing can go a long way. Balance stimulation requires more muscle recruitment, specifically for the core muscles. However, this depends on your intuition. You need to figure out which is more challenging for you. For example, doing a squat standing on the floor or doing the exercise standing on a wobble board, which seems more challenging to you?

Add Resistance:




Studies show that exercisers lifting a heavy weight for just 8 reps burned double the calories compared to those who lift for 15 reps. The secret is to keep adding more weight. Do it till the 3 sets of 10 reps present themselves to be more challenging. The harder it is to squeeze out the final rep, the better!

Complete The Circuit:




Move quickly from one exercise to the other. It is a great method to create a time-efficient, cardio focused workout. When you’re setting up the circuit, just make sure that you schedule your exercises that target different muscle groups back-to-back. This will avoid a burnout. Do squats right before a chest press and then follow it with a deadlift and a plank. This also gives sufficient time for the muscle group to recover.

Prepare To Fail:




No surprises here! Failure happens when a muscle is not able to complete one more rep because it is very, very spent. The muscle then actually fails to contract further. But the struggle is worth it. Training to failure can increase strength and improve the body’s ability to build muscle.