Top 4 Fitness Trainers In The World

Choosing a right personal trainer is as important as suggested exercise for men. You may be following the suggested the diet chart for men but if you are not doing the recommended gym workouts for men according to your fitness goals then you will not see the results. We take you through the best of the fitness trainers in the worldthat will help you to decide your own fitness trainer for your complete health.

1. Lou Ferrigno :

Lou is a leading fitness trainer who actually started as an actor. He currently works as a fitness consultant and retired professional bodybuilder. Mr. Ferrigno has to its credits several credits and titles notable ones are IFBB Mr. America and two consecutive IFBB Mr. Universe. He has been popular since title role in the CBS television series The Incredible Hulk. Lou is also an inspirational figure for many for his ability to overcome the bodily shortcomings. Since birth, he lost 75 to 80% of his hearing due to ear infections, since then he is using hearing aids. He categorically mentions that his hearing loss has motivatedhim to stay resolute and dedicated in his pursuits. According to him, his hearing loss has helped him to build his character that is inspiration for others.




2. Gunnar Peterson :

Gunnar is a world-famous personal trainer, who is best known for advising sportsmen, professional athletes and celebrities. He is often invited as a celebrated guest speaker, author and progenitor of innovative fitness and techniques. He also has to his credits the novel ideas for developing fitness equipments focusing on functional training. Mr. Gunnar has expertise in functional trainingthat is widely recognized. He famously suggests that one should get on a regular routine, as an exercise should be a cornerstone of everyone’s life, just like brushing the teeth.




3. Robert “Bob” Harper :

Bob is popular author and personal trainer who also became popular as thesexiest male vegetarian of the year in 2010 after he choose to become a vegetarian after getting influenced by reading a book “Skinny Bitch”. He is also famous as a yoga instructor in Los Angeles, and also practices Transcendental Meditation and an avid CrossFit athlete.




4. Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr. :

Professionally as Tony Horton is also one of the most famous personal trainer. Horton has also authored many books on health and fitness and is best known for his creation of the commercial home exercise regimen P90X.