Top 4 All-Time Indian Desserts For Any Festive Occasion

While you will wear your ethnic attire according to the latest fashion trends for men in India, you will also flaunt the best hairstyle for men in India but have you thought what you will offer your relatives, when they visit your home on this festive occasion. These 4 all-time Indian Desserts can be served to anyone who either visits your home this festive season.

1. Kheer :

All are welcome, Kheer is all-time favorite for most Indians, served to mark a cheerful occasion festive or personal, and this Indian milk based pudding should never be missed after a sumptuous meal together with the great and great grand family members.



2 Halwa :

Pure Desi Ghee Halwa is the most sumptuous sweet for any person with taste buds. It is also offered as the ‘prasadam’ at many religious places across India, the purity and blessings are inherently hidden in this most common sweet in India.




3 Barfi :

Barfi, the queen of Indian Sweets Kingdom has ruled the Indian taste buds since ages. You don’t need teeth to chew the Barfi, it just melts in your mouth, one of the most favorite sweet for newborns to octogenarians who are often fed with or without occasions. Kaju barfi is an ultimate choice in burfies.




4 Laddoo :

You can mark Laddos as the top contender for the ‘King’ of Indian sweets, be it pure Desi Ghee Boondi type or Besan Laddos or Tirupathi types, Laddoo rules the Indian Sweets markets.