Things You Must Know About Building Calves

It is summer-autumn time and men like to wear shorts and capris during this season. However, some may be conscious of wearing them as they might not like the shape of their legs, especially calves. However, there is nothing to worry about. You can start working out and building your calf muscles now. To grow your calf muscles quickly here are some great tips.



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1. Don’t Keep Calf Exercises for Last:

Your leg day usually begins with squats and lunges. Then you move on to do leg extension and leg curl, followed by leg press, and then come to calf exercises at the end after a couple of more exercises. This is wrong, because by the time you reach calves, you are mostly exhausted and not able to do your calf exercises that well.




2. Don’t Use too Heavy Weights:

If you use weights that are too heavy for the exercise, then you might not be able to complete your reps properly as you could start bouncing at bottom at the end of each rep. Using too much weight may also need you to take help from your trainer, which will be cheating.



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3. Contract Your Calves Fully:

Calf exercises must be done with full contraction. For this, try to optimize the squeeze you get at the top during each rep by standing up on the balls of your feet and pushing as high possible. Once you are at the top, flex your muscle hard. Though a little difficult, it will really grow your calf muscles well.




4. Be Careful of the Foot Placement:

Pointing your toes straight ahead will train the inner and outer heads of your calves, equally. On the other hand, if you point your toes out, the focus would come to the inner heads of your calves, and alternatively, on outer calves if you point your toes inwards.



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Calves, apart from biceps, chest, and abs are some muscles that men love to build, but sometimes they are not able to build them well. However, by following the tips mentioned above, you can be sure of building your calves quite quickly.