The Best Ways To Enjoy Coffee, Secrets That You Should Know

Coffee is instinctively ingrained in the contemporary couture for men, formal or casual, new fashion style for men always has been longing for richness, sophistication, and minimalism. Men new style and a cup of rich coffee in some ways are deeply interlinked, at least for fashion designers. To get the perfect taste of coffee, we generally crave for the sheer smoothness and the characteristic bitterness, absolutely without any flavors. We take you through the gentlemen’s ultimate drink of sophistication that can be enjoyed by most men blatantly and frequently.

1. Next time you are searching for that right coffee taste, ensure that the coffee beans should neither be under-roasted nor charred.



2. The coffee brew should have mild aroma and flavor with a right blend of sourness and bitterness to make that sip memorable.



3. Most of the coffees available worldwide are either of Arabica or Robusta variety beans. To get more taste into the coffee ensure to get more of the Arabica variety or at least a mixture of both, even if Arabica is cost more compared to Robusta.



4. Prefer to purchase coffee that grown in the geographical belt between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn mainly from Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, and Colombia.



5. The best coffees are enjoyed black, due to their characteristic aroma. If you like to drink sweet and avoid coffee bitterness add milk, sugar, and cream.



6. Always choose a good coffee maker that can soar to 200 degrees to 205 degrees F during brewing. This is the idle temperature to get a classic brew from the beans.

7. Do grind in to get the fresh flavor – Grinding will help you to get the best of the taste, freshly grinded beans will give your coffee the authentic exquisite taste.

8. Look out for the type of roasting that has been done on the greens beans. While light roasting gives a sour taste, medium roast is devoid of oiliness and dark roast will have oil on the surface, giving the beans the rich dark color.

9. Prefer having the darkest roasted coffee that will have shiny black beans with an oily surface. The darkest roasts will add the natural fine flavor to the coffee, the famous Italian roast and, French roast is the darkest roasts.

10. Note if ‘AA’ is mentioned on the pack, it indicates that the beans are the second-largest beans on Kenyan grading scale. These types of beans are costlier compared to any other grade.

11. C.A.F.E. that you notice at Starbucks outlet means, Coffee and Farmer Equity – helping farmers grow coffee in a way that is better for both people and the planet.

12. You should be always aware of the amount of caffeine in your cup of coffee. You can always prefer to have a decaffeinated cup – wherein the caffeine-loaded outer layers of the greens coffee beans are peeled off before roasting.