The Best Fitness Gear For 2018

Having specialized training gear help’s an individual get the most out of their workouts. The right training equipment not only enhances performance but also diminishes the chances of getting injured. There are many brands which develop sports products techno scientifically to let the athletes get the maximum out of their gym workouts for men. But as the market is flooded with sports products for players it can get confusing. To make this task easier for every athlete, here is a list of the best fitness gear for 2018.



1. Nike Metcon D SX Flyknit 2 :

These are the best training shoes that are available on the market today. These shoes from Nike are lightweight and offers firm stability while running or performing lifting exercises for men. The unique feature of these shoes are the Flywire cables which integrate with laces to provide superior support and comfort. Besides providing maximum relaxation while training this footwear is also very trendy and is designed according to the current fashion trends for men.


nike metcon dsx flyknit 2


2. Adidas cool 365 stretch pants :

Designed for maximum comfort and performance, the Adidas cool 365 stretch pants are ideal for lifting and training purposes. These stretch pants are very resilient and their climacool technology doesn’t allow the sweat to become a limiting factor during the high-intensity workouts.


Adidas cool 365 stretch pants


3. Apple Watch Nike+ :

This a must-have accessory for every athlete, equipped with multiple useful features like the heart rate monitor, accelerometer, altimeter, GPS, etc. this is a small yet compelling device. This stylish and lightweight smartwatch is uniquely designed and enhances ventilation via compression-moduled perforations. In addition to all the foregoing, the Apple watch Nike plus also comes with the Nike plus run club application which gives all the advice on how to become a better runner.

Apple Watch Nike+


4. Adidas performance bottle :

Proper hydration is essential before, during, and after the workout. This performance bottle from Adidas is perfect as it is BPA(bisphenol A) free which lets the contents remain safe and is pretty easy to clean as well. This bottle is available in two sizes 500ml and 750ml, which individuals can choose according to their preference.


Adidas performance bottle


5. Puma active Pwrcool dry cell compression t-shirt :

These compression t-shirts are a must-have for individuals who want to get the maximum out of their training sessions. These t-shirts are designed in a manner which wicks the moisture away and helps an individual to maintain their core temperature.


Puma active Pwrcool dry cell compression t-shirt