Tasty & Healthy Food For Winters

Winters are all about enjoying morning strolls, sipping hot chocolate,and staying warm and‘n’ snug in bed for hours. As the temperature gets colder, the desire to treat your taste buds to fresh and hot food increases, isn’t?




Keeping a healthy diet plan for men in mind, here’s how you can satiate your seasonal cravings in a healthy manner:

1. Soup:

It’s the perfect winter food. Whether it is chicken broth or a vegetable soup hot bowl of this liquid food is enough to not only provide nutrition to the body but also warm your’s heart. Imagine enjoying a bowl of carrot soup with dollops of fresh cream. Sounds blissful, right? Certainly a healthy food for men.



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2. Mashed Potatoes:

Rich in carbohydrates, mashed potatoes are everyone’s favourite. Pair this dish with boiled vegetables and soup— and you have a wholesome meal for yourself ready. You can even try a mix of mashed cauliflower and cannellini beans if potatoes are not your thing.



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3. Mushrooms:

Soup, curry, or sabzi-there are many ways to relish this vegetable. Mushrooms not only protect your body against viral infection during winters but also boost your immunity system.




4. Sarso Da Saag:

This punjabi dish is prepared from extremely nutritious mustard leaves or sarson and small proportions of spinach. This curry is eaten with makke di roti (chapattis made from cornflour) and a bit of jaggery.




5. Spicy Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are available in huge quantities during this season. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this vegetable is cooked with lots of spices and eaten with chapatti. Sweet potatoes also have a high amount of fibre content that benefit the body. Don’t hesitate to serve yourself a small bowl of this freshly prepared vegetable for it is quite important in the diet chart for men during winters.




6. Rasam:

A south Indian delicacy, Rasam is a light soupy dish that is filled with traditional spices. It is prepared from red lentils that are rich in proteins, fibres, and antioxidants. Rasam can be consumed as a wholesome meal if added with vegetables. Drinking a piping hot bowl of Rasam will make the cold in your body simply vanish.



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Enjoy this beautiful weather with an array of healthy, easy-to-make diet options. Health surely comes first; but so does eating good food and drinking yummy beverages after that. But with the dishes mentioned above, you can get both on one platter.