Sedentary Lifestyle Is Killing You Slowly

A sedentary lifestyle involves very little, irregular, or no physical activity!.Most people blame their hectic schedules or long office hours for the lack of exercise and physical activities.




If you too are living a sedentary lifestyle, then your health is at great risk. Here’s why:

1. Loss of Lean Muscle Tissue:

Lack of physical activity accelerates this loss that in turn makes daily and,normal routine activities more difficult to perform. Maintaining a definite body weight also becomes difficult.



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2. Weakened Bones:

In order to maintain and strengthen the mineral content of the bones, it is important to regularly exercise. Lack of physical activity ensures faster bone loss.




3. Depression:

Being a couch potato doesn’t exactly have the best effects on minds. In fact, your sedentary lifestyle can make you emotionally unstable and increase your mood swings.



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4. Weight Gain:

No physical exercise means gaining a lot of weight and that also rapidly. It’s simple science!



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If you are not a gym freak Now then let’s talk about a couple of ‘easy’ things you can do to ‘stand up for your health’:

1. Walk:

The more you walk, the more you lose weight. Taking regular walks will also have a positive effect on your mind.




2. Do Zumba:

If hitting the gym is not your cup of tea the regular gym workouts for men are not your cup of tea, join a zumba class. A fun fusion of dancing and exercising, you’ll lose a lot of weight and also feel happy!



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3. Yoga:

If you are looking at long term results and a stronger metabolism, without the usual gym exercises for men, yoga is the answer for you. Meditating also helps in strengthening focus, ensuring peace of mind, and losing weight.



Like to eat? Change your diet; involve these tasty foods in your diet to combat the ill-effects of a typical sedentary lifestyle:

1. Lemons:

One lemon itself comprises of more than 100 per cent of your regular intake of vitamin C. This helps in maintaining a good level of cholesterol and strengthening your bones.



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2. Broccoli:

A medium stalk of this green vegetable contains vitamin K in huge portions—highly recommended in diet plans for men, for building and strengthening bones.



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3. Sweet Potatoes:

This delicious vegetable has almost 8 times the amount of vitamin A that fights cancer cells and boosts immunity.




4. Walnuts:

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, these nuts help in keeping cholesterol levels under control. Walnut is essential for a healthy diet plan for men.




With such interesting tips right in front of your eyes, it’s time to get up and break away from the sedentary lifestyle that’s not doing you any good at all.