Your Search for the Perfect Running Shoes Ends Here

You are all set with your new jersey and your iPod is loaded with workout jams. Only one thing remains and then you can get on your way. Shoes! To simplify your task, here are the 3 best running shoes for amateurs. The right shoes are essential but before you buy any of them, measure your shoe size, understand the landing position with the

1. The Asics Gel Kayano: 

This shoe manufactured by the Japanese Company Asics scores high points on a lot of aspects. It has lot of cushioning which ensures you feel no pain, even while running for long distances. Its external heal counter gives superb protection to your Achilles heel preventing any sort of injury. The best part about the shoe is that it looks extremely stylish and cool. This bundle can be a perfect buy for you to kick start your running careers.




2. The Faas Range from Puma:                                                                       

This series of shoes introduced by Puma a few years ago is one of the better options for a beginner. It is light weight, gives an awesome fit, and has a tight grip making it almost risk free. If you are confused about which shoe to go for, then this is likely to solve all your problems.  The range also offers shoes that are suited for running in the tough terrains. So if comfort and durability are on your radar while buying running shoes, then this one is for you.




3. The Boost Series from Adidas:

The boost 2 or the Response Boost has a couple of options in this range. The foam sole of the Boost 2 makes it a perfect running shoe and provides protection in all the right spots on the feet. Also the toe space in this shoe is wide which ensures that when your feet expand after a little bit of running, you will experience no blisters or pain.  The lightweight material used to make it and its vibrant colours and designs adds to the features of this range. You will feel free and relaxed while running, with the boost range on your feet.


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Now that all you aspiring runners out there have got an idea about the right running shoes what are you waiting for? Go and grab one of these right away. It’s time to make some records buddies. Get running.