Rules For Using The Fly Machine

If you are a man who goes to gym, then you must be using fly machines on your chest days. It indeed offers one of the best exercises for your chest and back. However, due to lack of proper guidance and training, many men often end up using the fly machine the wrong way. This maybe affecting their muscle gains or might even be harming them. If you too do not know how to use a fly machine properly, then here are some rules you must follow.


Rules for Using the Fly Machine


1. Keep Your Arms Straight:

The first rule of using a fly machine is to not bend your elbows. During all reps in all sets, you must make sure that your arms are straight. It’s true that your arms will start bending gradually towards the later reps of the set, but try to resist that. If you are not able to do even a single rep without bending your elbows, then maybe you can decrease the weight by removing one plate, after consulting your trainer.


Keep your arms straight

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2. Increase The No. Of Plates Gradually:

How many plates should you select depends completely on your stamina and your trainer’s recommendation. However, as it is the case with most machines, it is recommended not to go for a large number of plates in the first set itself. Start with the plate you can exercise with using very less resistance and then increase the number of plates by one in subsequent sets.


Increase the no. of plates gradually

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3. Adjust The Fly Bars As Per Your Need:

You need to adjust the position of the bars of the fly machine as per your requirement before starting. This step is as mandatory as selecting the number of plates before any exercise. The fly bar should usually be set at either number 3 or number 4. If you set it at number 4, the machine will offer you slightly more resistance due to which you might have to go for lesser weight.


Adjust the fly bars as per your need

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Apart from using the Fly Machine, you can also use dumbbells and cables for fly exercises. They are as good as a fly machine. But whatever said and advised, the last word should always be of your trainer as he or she is the best judge of the right amount and kind of exercise your body needs.