Remember to Follow these Fitness Tips after a Heavy Meal

You can’t always stick to a healthy diet plan for men.Nobody intends to overeat but sometimes, it just happens. Whether it’s at home, a party, or when you just simply order too much food at a friend’s house- sometimes, hunger gets the best of you. You can’t reverse it, but here are some healthy things you can do after a heavy meal to feel better:




1. Rest but don’t sleep:

After a heavy meal you may have noticed that you feel a little lethargic. This is because the brain is diverting red blood cells to work on your digestion. It’s advised to sit or lie down for 15-20 minutes after a big meal to avoid fat deposits, but do not take a nap.




2. Walk:

After resting for a few minutes, you should try to kill the lethargy by going for a walk. Don’t use up excess strength by trying to run or jog right away as most of your energy is being diverted toward digestion. A short walk will help you feel lighter and also aid digestion.You don’t have to be gym freak for something this simple.



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3. Do Yoga:

If not a walk, then you can do some light yoga post meal. Wait a while before you start and don’t do anything too extreme. A simple vajrasan, works wonders on the digestive system.Nobody is asking you to do gym exercises for men but you can do this much at least.



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4. Have Green Tea:

After a heavy meal, you should eat or drink something that will aid your digestion. Green tea is a fantastic herbal drink that will help reduce the full stomach feeling and also clean out the toxins created in your body. Other herbal drinks like chamomile, peppermint, and ginger are also said to aid digestion. A must part of the best diet plan for men



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5. Have Lukewarm Water:

It’s said to aid weight loss, especially if you add lemon to it. Don’t drink hot water immediately after a big meal though, wait around 20-25 minutes and then have some lukewarm water.




Proper digestion of food is very important but due to our lifestyles, our digestive systems are not very strong. These tips for a healthy diet for men Following these tips to feel better must be followed after a heavy meal to will prevent yourself from ruing later.