Reasons Why You Daily Should Avoid Sugary Drinks?

It is now scientifically proven that excess sugar can lead to serious health problems. You must avoid sugary drinks such as sweetened tea and coffee, sugary soda and similar sources of liquid sugar. Diet chart for men should exclude the sugary drinks not only to avoid weight gain but also to avoid a spike in blood sugar levels that lead to various health complications. The most vital reasons to avoid them are:

1. Highly fattening

Our brain regulates the calorie intake in an intelligent manner if we eat more of one particular food (say potatoes), we are automatically forced to restrict eating the other served food but that does not happen with liquid sugar, as our hunger is not satisfied by sugary foods, instead we keep piling up more leading to obesity.



2. Fatty liver

It is no secret that a large amount of sugar gets converted into fat. As the fructose (a part of sugar) is only metabolized by the liver, a high-carbohydrates, a high-calorie often diet results in overloading of fructose into the liver, resulting in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.



3. Belly fat

The more you consume sugar, more are the chances of increasing fat around the belly and other vital organs if you do not adhere to recommended gym workouts for men.



4. Resistance to Insulin

The hormone insulin function is to drive glucose from the bloodstream into cells but due to increased sugary drinks, the cells become resistant to the effects of insulin. As a result, pancreases create more insulin resulting in increased level of insulin levels in the blood, a stepping stone towards type 2 diabetes and heart disease.



5. No Essential Nutrients

Just remember that sugary drinks contain no nutrients – no vitamins, no minerals, no antioxidants and zero fiber. In simple words, they add nothing to our diet.



6. Addiction

The reason we love eating sugar is because it gives us instant pleasure due to the hormone dopamine that is released in the brain. The more you eat, the more you increase the dependency resulting in food addiction.

7. Risk of Heart Diseases

Recent studies in humans have found strong links between sugar intake and heart disease risk in men, women, and adolescents. On an average one sugary drink per day increases 20% risk of having a heart-related problem in future compared to men who rarely completely avoid.