Protein Shakes – Yay or Nay?

Protein shakes are yum and appeal immensely to either those who want to build muscles and get a toned body or those who want to lose weight and get fit.This beverage is considered to be a healthy, convenient, and quick substitute for one whole meal in a diet plan for men your daily diet. However, the consumption of protein shakes is often seen as a not-so healthy habit.




Take a look at a few pros and cons of having protein shakes, and decide for yourself!

1. Pro: Helps in Maintaining Weight:

It’s a proven fact—protein shakes contain lesser calories than full meals. Turns out, protein is the most filling nutrient, which means it can keep you full for a longer period of time as compared to fats or carbs! Hence protein shake is a wholesome healthy food for men.



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2. Pro: It’s Convenient to Make:

Yes, quaffing up a tall glass of delicious protein shake (thanks to protein powders!)is easier than taking the pain of cooking a full meal. In addition to this, drinking the beverage is faster than hogging a fat cheese burger. A protein shake may be not ‘fast food’ but it’s definitely ‘fast drink’.



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3. Con: Loss of Nutrients:

At the same time, protein shakes don’t offer all the nutrients in one tall glass! Nothing can measure up to a complete best diet plan for men meal including whole grains (bread and rice), green vegetables, fruits and meat, that’s not only rich in proteins, fats, and carbohydrates but also vitamins and minerals. Also, excessive protein intake harms the body, especially liver and kidneys.



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4. Pro: Helps Fight Cancer:

Various studies have shown that protein, especially whey protein, helps in combating some forms of cancers such as colon and prostate. So yes, protein shakes certainly bring down this risk.




5. Pro: Helps in Coping with Stress:

Research shows that a refreshing dose of protein shake can actually perk up your mood as the consumption brings about a change in brain serotonin level, that work as anti-depressants in the body. So it can certainly become a part of the diet chat for men.!



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6. Con: Shakes are Expensive:

Ingredients to make one glass of this beverage include milk, fruits/vegetables, nuts, and flavors that cost a lot more than buying vegetables or meat and spices to cook a full meal. The time of consuming shakes may be less but the cost of purchase is high.



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You can make protein shakes a part of your daily health & fitness plan, but don’t use them as the ONLY option to a healthy living!