No sugar, no potato=Weight Loss: Myth or Reality?

Summers are round the corner! Are you ready to flaunt your lean, athletic body? Or, are you still figuring out how to get in shape or how to diet and googling ‘How to lose weight’? By now you must have fathomed that weight loss is all about a balanced diet and the right exercises. People intending to lose weight are usually confused between which diets to follow. Low carb diet or low fat diet? Which will bring home the bacon? Read on to find out more and arrive at the right mix.


No sugar no potatoes- Myth or Reality

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1. A low carb diet or a low fat diet: Which is better?

There are a variety of diet plans for men which can lead to weight loss but what matters the most is cutting down on the daily calorie consumption. Both low carb diet and low fat diet can help you in weight loss as long as your overall calorie intake is lower than the amount of energy you are burning.


A low carb diet or a low fat diet Which is better


2. Good carbs and bad carbs:

  • Go for healthy, fiber-rich carb sources to fulfill your daily carb requirement.
  • Real unprocessed foods are considered to be good carbs. For example: Eggs, meat, fish, vegetables (Spinach, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots), fruits (Oranges, apples and pears), high fat dairy products and nuts. Potatoes? A big NO for weight loss!
  • Low carb junk food is a big ‘No’ and is considered bad carbs in the world of health.

NOTE: Sugar and refined wheat are always bad options and their consumption should be limited.


Good carbs and bad carbs

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3. Per day carb intake:

The optimal carb intake depends on a lot of factors including your current metabolic health and lifestyle. Intake of 100-150 grams per day is considered optimal for a person who is physically active and intends to maintain weight whereas a person undergoing metabolic problems with a sedentary lifestyle should intake 50 grams of carb in a day.


Per day carb intake


4. Expert’s advice for weight loss:

  • Intake of a good amount of protein can help in weight loss.
  • Too much of stress can hamper the process of weight loss. So, time to bid adieu to STRESS!
  • For effective weight loss, drink an adequate amount of water. A minimum 9 250ml cups for women and 13 250ml cups for men is recommended.

Expert’s advice for weight loss

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