Less is more! Is too much gyming bad?

Exercise is needed to keep you, mentally and physically fit. But, there is a possibility that you could be hitting the gym too often. Instead of, recovering and getting better in a stipulated amount of time; the body feels weaker and fatigued than you know you have been overtraining. So it’s time take a step back and get some rest. Are you still doubtful, here are a few reasons why, overtraining is bad for you.

However, you don’t have to over exert yourself to get the desired results. We’re not suggesting that you give up the gym membership and become a couch potato. All we are saying is everything in moderation is always better for your body, rather than going overboard or over training.





If you are experiencing palpitations or your pulse is racing, it’s time to take some rest. Furthermore, exercising for more than an hour has adverse effect on your heart and cause the heart muscle to stretch. If you aren’t planning to compete in the Olympics anytime soon, it’s time to bring down the iron pumping a notch.

Too Much Protein:

Protein, as a supplement to aid your everyday dietary habits, is a good thing, but, going overboard with it can lead to protein abuse and cause damage to your body. Too much protein intake, will give the ability to work out more, but also making you hungrier. The extra calories taken as protein could be stored as fat. Excess protein can also cause dehydration due to insufficient intake of water along with the proteins. To add to this, it can also intestinal damage, constipation and gas.

All Achy:

It’s typical to have or muscle soreness, a day or two after your workout. However, if the pain and soreness persist even after 72 hours, then it’s time to take a break. This sort of prolonged soreness is a sign that, the muscles are not recovering and has an adverse effect on your muscle building aspirations.  Make sure you don’t spend more than 45-75 minutes in the gym.





Is sleep eluding you? Are you oversleeping? Having mood swings? These are symptoms that you have been over training. Over training can cause a disruption in your sleep patterns; not giving your muscles enough recovery time. This could be due to a hormonal overload or disruption in your nervous system. Your muscles grow while you relax and sleep. So, getting adequate amount of sleep is vital. Exercise is a known anti-depressants, it helps release endorphins in the body. But overdoing it cause depression, the anxiety surrounding training time, work schedules.




Working Out Too Hard:

Doing a high intensity workout is good, but not always. To avoid injuries, make sure you are not using weights that restrict your movements or put pressure on the body. Using more than the required amounts of weights can cause serious injuries, especially to your back. Also keep in mind that, weights should be followed by cardio, as cardio drains the energy and burns fat. Hence, the strength and energy to lift weights will be comprised resulting in poor performance.




An Everyday Affair:

Working out is good, but doing it every day without getting the adequate rest is harmful to the body, both, physically and mentally.  Training every day without a set goal, can lead to it becoming a chore and you lose motivation. Never taking a day off can cause a burnout. The same regime can get monotonous and lead to lack of interest. You need to mix it up a little bit and involve all muscles into your program.  Always incorporate rest days into schedule to let the body recover.

Pay attention to your body, read the signals well, don’t ignore them. Exercise is good, but, over doing it doesn’t help the cause.