Leg Exercises That You Must Do

If you are a gym freak, we assume that you must be the owner of a perfect torso. In case you do not have a ready answer and feel that your legs are not as impressive as the rest part of your body, we have solutions for you! You need to know about specific leg exercises that can work wonders for your legs.



1. Barbell Squatting:

This is a highly recommended leg exercise for men that is overall beneficial for the legs. It helps in shaping your legs, cutting down fat and increasing the size of your leg muscles. In addition, with regular practice this exercise also helps in rendering strength to the legs by focusing upon the hamstrings, gluts and quads and other leg muscles. However, remember that this exercise has to be done along with barbells.



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2. Dumbbell Squatting:

Those of you who cannot perform barbell squatting due to back pain or severe sprain in the spinal cord can replace barbell squatting with dumbbell squatting. In this exercise, weight that you are supposed to bear will remain limited within your range. In addition, the best thing about this gym exercise for men is that you can reap almost similar benefits of barbell squatting on your legs with this exercise. However, the frequency at which you lift weight in this form of exercise should be slightly higher.



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3. Leg Press:

A traditional yet most effective leg exercise is the leg press. As this form of exercise primarily works on the quad muscles, so it provides strength to the leg muscles simultaneous with toning and shaping them. You can perform leg press at the gym with the help of a mechanized arrangement where you have to put certain kilos of weight up and down with the help of your feet. Thus, the longer the distance to which you press down this weight, more effective will be the results on the secondary muscles of your legs, like calves.



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4. Dumbbell Lunges:

This exercise has overall beneficial effect on your quad muscles, hamstrings as well as the gluts. You need dumbbells as essential exercising equipment for performing this exercise. You must hold the one dumbbell in each of your palms and half sit on the floor in such a manner where one leg remains parallel to the ground and the other one remains in a bended position. You have to walk forward altering the recommended leg positions while holding the dumbbells. However, remember not to let any of your knees rest on the ground, or else it can be very painful for you.




Now that you know about some of the vital leg exercise you can start performing them today. However, never forget to be under expert supervision.