A Know How Of The Cleansing Diet

As we wake up, we breathe in more and more toxins in the air, eat the ones that are present in our food and in the water we drink we rarely think of how they accumulate in our bodies. Needless to say they leave long lasting adverse health effects.

Here is where a cleansing diet comes in handy. The debate is on regarding whether they’re actually effective or like many other things just a passing fad. We leave the judgment to you. But we want to make sure that you’re well informed before you make a choice.

1. What Is A Cleansing Diet? 

Cleansing diet or detoxification as they’re known helps you remove the toxins that accumulate in your blood. The organ that plays a major part in the cleansing process is your liver as it processes impunities in the blood for elimination. The kidney, skin, intestines, lymph and lung also play important roles as they purge toxins. However their functioning isn’t enough when you’re exposed to the ever increasing pollution.



2. How Does A Cleansing Diet Work?

It depends on your lifestyle and the choice that you’ll make. You can either choose to follow a strict cleansing program from 3-7 days or make simple but important diet changes into your regular regime in order to detoxify on a daily basis. However, a 3-7 day cleansing routine should never be followed more than once in every year.



3. Who Can Follow?

Ideally cleansing diets are helpful for generally healthy people. But they should not be followed ever so often. If you’re suffering from inexplicable fatigue, skin irritation/ allergies, constipation, minor infection etc. you can include a cleansing diet into your regular routine. But if you suffer from any chronic diseases like tuberculosis or cancer we would advise you to consult with your physician.



4. Cleansing Diet Essentials:




  • Juice fasting: If you drink only fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices and water for 3-7 days it will eliminate toxins from your body while providing you with vitamins, nutrients, minerals and enzymes. But do not continue this for a longer period of time. Also don’t try this during a regular work week. You may start feeling weak and sick.
  • Fiber rich diet: Bowel cleansing is essential to any detoxification process. Therefore, include a lot fiber rich food into your diet such as fresh fruits and vegetables, high-fiber cereals and psyllium powder, a natural laxative.
  • Herbal mixing: Herbs are helpful targeting specific organs while detoxifying. Examples will include Dandelion roots, red beet, birch leaves for the liver, parsley, cranberry, ginger for the kidneys and comfrey, senega and marshmellow for the lung.



5. Things To Be Avoided:

  • Coffee
  • Milk products
  • Sugar, artificial sweeteners, maple syrup
  • Aerated drinks
  • White bread, cream biscuits, cakes, rice

Here goes your detox plan for the next 3 to 7  days for a new, healthy you!

  1.  1. Morning lemon juice: Kick start your day and your digestive system with this refreshing age-old wonder.  Squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a cup of hot water..
  2.  Exercise: During detox aim to exercise for one hour daily. Do something you like and something that will help. It could be a rigorous walk around the park, a strenuous swimming session or a sweaty game of lawn tennis. Vigorous exercise increases lymph flow and circulation to help sweat out toxins.
  3.  Raw foods: Cut out the cooking process and stick to raw, fresh foods. Raw foods contain more nutrients and enzymes. Try adding fresh sprouts to a salad daily.





  1.  Detox the mind: Detox the body, de-clutter the mind.  A 15 minute meditation session, belly breathing or a rejuvenating yoga session, anything to refresh your tired mind.
  2.  Drink: Aim to drink three litres of fluid daily. This will help move the lymph and support kidney detoxification. Stick to fresh water, vegetable juices and herbal detox teas.
  3.  Body brushing: This regime followed daily will support circulation and increase skin detoxification. Use a loofah to brush the skin with firm circular strokes before you step into the shower. Start from the feet and hands, moving up the legs and towards the arms, avoiding the delicate area of throat and face, and any rash or sore spots. Jump in the shower and finish with a nice, cold shower of 30 seconds.
  4.  Chew: Aim to chew each mouthful of food 10 to 12 times before swallowing. Awareness while digestion will help tell you when you tummy is full.