How To Keep Yourself Protected Against Ailments During Winters

Winters is a beautiful season. After all, it is all about enjoying the chilly weather, wearing warm yet fancy clothes, and binging on wintery beverages such as hot chocolate. However, it is also primarily the season of cold and cough. Falling sick during this time is easier because of our low immunity levels.




So yes, winter brings with itself an array of common ailments that can affect anyone. But the truth is that it is easy to keep winter sickness at bay. How? Take a look:


1. Layer Up Properly:

Mufflers, woollen caps & sweaters, coats, leather jackets and boots form a part of a typical winter wardrobe. But don’t look at them from a fashion viewpoint. Layering up is critical to one’s health in a cold climate. Here, you have the option to layer up smartly by keeping in mind the latest trends.



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2. Eat Warm Food:

Consume food that is not only nourishing but also restorative in nature. Freshly made soup, homemade breads, gajar ka halwa, brown rice, salads, sarso da saag & makke di roti, etc. are popular winter cuisines. Indulge yourself heartily because this is the right time!




3. Brew Green Tea:

Coffee is an all-time favourite beverage. We Indians also love our traditional masala chai. However, having green tea during the winters is also a good idea! Brew a sizzling cup of green tea right after waking up every morning, to not only keep yourself nice and toasty all day long but also to boost your immune system.



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4. Wash Your Hands Properly:

Scrub your hands properly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds—to rub off bacteria or virus off your skin. Dirty hands spread germs and are more likely to cause cold and cough during the winters.




5. Say ‘Yes’ To Yogurt:

It is already so cold; why eat something that’s equally cold, right? Wrong! This is a super food and contains a strain of probiotics that reduces the risk of literally catching a disease by 27 per cent. You must have yogurt regularly as a tasty medicine!



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Fighting ailments in the winter season is not as difficult as it seems. The key to good health is to eat & drink well, dress properly, stay hygienic and not venture out in the cold too much for no reason. Enjoy the winters bravely and with proper precautions.