How To Hide Tummy Fat On Your Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day is almost here. You are all set to take the girl of your dreams out on a date. You have even decided the activities for the day. But hey, there is one big problem and that is your “tummy fat”. Yikes! Yes, you don’t have time to lose it in a jiffy. In fact, it is next to impossible to do that.




So, what do you do? How do you make it vanish for the V-Day? You dress up smartly. Here’s how:


1. Dark Colours:

Go for an all-dark apparel for the day! Pick a shirt in black, navy blue or charcoal gray to make you look great instantly. These colours don’t draw much visual attention and hence, it becomes easier to hide all the wrong areas! Plus, dark colours will also amp up your confidence level.



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2. Clothes That Fit:

If you are a little bulky, don’t opt for anything baggy, be it shirt or trousers. Instead, choose a pair of pants (jeans or chinos) and a nice shirt that actually fit you properly. At least, this way your fat will not be magnified and you will look slimmer than usual.




3. Wear A Jacket:

Nothing works better than a jacket if you want to conceal your tummy fat. If you are wearing a casual shirt and a pair of jeans, then finish off the look with a smart jacket—to steer away your date’s attention from your paunch.



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4. Layer Up:

Do crunches. Nope, we are not joking. It is the easiest and fastest way to make the tummy fat go away. Apart from this, you can also layer up. Opt for a stole or a sweater to keep that protruding belly in the dark. Since it is winters, layering up is a good idea!


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5. Fix Your Posture:

You have to be careful. Don’t slouch too much. Stand straight. Maintain a linear posture at all times to keep the tummy fat from showing too much. But don’t get too conscious either. Stay cool.



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It’s a little troubling to rectify such an issue, but it is not the end of the world. With smart fashion choices, you can look your best at the V-Day date. Also, please remember that your date will like you better if you behave well and exude confidence. Looks are and will always be secondary.