How To Get Those Strong Biceps And Triceps

Write this down somewhere: Big arms will never go out of style. That’s one body part that most women find undeniably irresistible. However, getting biceps and triceps in shape is no joke. It takes hours of strenuous exercises in the gym and a dedicated healthy diet plan to achieve those wonder arms.




To be honest, gym workouts give results because of the kind of equipment most gyms possess. So if you don’t mind turning into a gym freak to get bigger arms, then you wouldn’t mind trying each of the exercises mentioned below:


1. Barbell Curl:

All gym freaks know about this exercise. An easy activity, hold the bar with a shoulder-width grip. Your arms must point to the floor. Keep your elbows an inch away from your sides. Curl the bar towards the chest, while keeping your elbows and back at a fixed point.

Contact the biceps and triceps as soon as the bar touches the front of the chest. The key is to resist weight while you slowly lower the bar to the floor for a full stretch. Repeat the set.


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2. Hammer Curls:

This is another easy exercise to build stronger and bigger biceps and triceps. Fix your elbows at the side of your body. Make your palms face one another. Now, curl the dumbbells up. Lower the dumbbells slowly and repeat the set as per convenience.



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3. Bench-Press:

This exercise is specifically for building triceps. Sit on a squat rack and place a barbell that is chest high. Now face forward and carefully select the weights and grab the barbell with your palms. Use your shoulders only. Don’t put any pressure on your legs while you’re raising the bar. Lock the barbell above your head when at the top of the lift. Repeat the set.




4. Push-Ups:

Everyone has done push-ups at some or the other point in their lives.It is particularly helpful in strengthening biceps and triceps. Get into a high plank position. Keep your toes firmly fixed on the floor. Lower your body and then exhale as you push back to the original position.


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When people ask you to “flex a muscle”, they don’t want to know how muscular your calves are. They want to see how impressive your biceps are. Austrian Oak/Hollywood star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was known for his terrific biceps. He still is! So you see how appealing bigger arms can be?