How To Eat Light & Stay Fit This Summer

The season to get completely drained and sweaty is here. Welcome the summers, folks! While drinking water is a definite option to keep ourselves dehydrated, it is not enough. There is a need for conscious changes in the diet plan to tackle such a hot climate.




Moreover, staying in shape and not stuffing ourselves with summer treats is also important. So how do you find a balance between taste and health through food? Which recipes or food choices should you include in your diet plan? Have a look:


1. Vegetable Rolls:

Contrary to popular belief, they are a “healthy” option. Prepare rotis and roll them with a vegetable filling. You can quickly whip up a sabzi using cabbage, capsicum, carrot and onion all healthy vegetables. This option is not only healthy but also filling too. You can have the rolls with a tall glass of buttermilk!



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2. Vegetable Paneer Salad:

It is extremely easy to prepare this. Finely chop red or yellow capsicums and onions. Cut paneer (cottage cheese), carrots and tomatoes into thin pieces. And sautee all the vegetables in a large bowl. To add flavour, you can prepare a dressing of curds mixed with a ting of spices. The best part is you can replace the paneer with chicken! Have this salad with a glass of watermelon juice – and your stomach will be just fine.




3. Daliya:

Porridge is a very light and healthy option for breakfast. High on fibre, daliya does good to the digestive system. It comprises 85 calories per 170gm of serving. You can either have it with milk or prepare namkeen daliya which is spicy and extremely delish. So, skip the aaloo paranthas and buttery toasts. Opt for daliya instead.



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4. Curd:

Whether it is spicy buttermilk or mind-freezing lassi or a simple bowl of yoghurt with fruits, curd can be consumed in lots of creative ways. One helping of curd not only keeps all stomach-related ailments at bay, but also cools down the body. It is also low in calories.




5. Refreshing Drinks:

Coconut water, iced tea, lemonade, homemade aam panna and fresh orange or watermelon juice are some of the finest (and healthy) options to provide relief during the summers. Avoid drinking canned juices as they have preservatives and hidden calories.



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Don’t let the summers put a dent in your healthy diet. All you have to make sure that whatever you eat or drink is in small proportions and should provide relief to you. Beat the heat smartly by keeping your health in mind.