How to do Chin Ups right

Because your entire body weight is resting on your arms, chin-ups are considered to be one of the most difficult exercises utilizing body weight to perform, especially for beginners. Since chin-ups are compound exercises, i.e. they involve the use of several muscle groups throughout the upper body, they are considered to be perfect for adding lean muscle mass and building upper body strength. Here are a few tips to ensure that you execute them perfectly for an effective workout:




1. Hand position:

For a chin-up, your palms should be facing towards you. The optimal hand positioning is directly in line with your shoulder joints. Your hands, elbows, and shoulders should be in one line, and your forearms should be hanging straight down – perpendicular to the ground.



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2. Elbow Positioning:

For every rep of chin-ups, you elbows should be locked in the bottom position and flexed in the top position. Also, it is important that you keep your elbows as close to your core as possible. Every time you pull your body up, press your elbows towards the inside. This ensures a good upward thrust and also prevents injuries to your elbows.



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3. Shoulder positioning:

Shoulders must be packed down on the rib cage to connect the structure of the arms to the structure of the core muscles. This is most important while in the bottom position of the pull-up and will help prevent shoulder injuries that would arise from placing excess strain on the soft tissues around the shoulder joints.



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4. Breathing Technique:

Forcefully exhaling the air out of your lungs while pulling yourself up to the bar results in a very tight midsection from the accompanying contraction, making your body easier to lift. On the way back down, allow an inhale to be sucked back in as you relax your lungs and throat.



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Make sure you use the right way to train as it is the only way to make long term muscle gains. Follow these tips to make the best out of your workout sessions.