3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Stress At Bay

In today’s times, it is next to impossible to avoid stress.  Whether it’s a simple frustration like a traffic jam or a major life event like job loss or a divorce, stress has become an inevitable part of our lives.

While it is said that a little bit of stress is ideal for motivation. But remember this, 80% of serious illnesses are caused by stress alone.

If you’re still not convinced then the following three reasons will tell you why you should avoid stress now.

1. Flight Or Fight?

This is a response which has been evolving for thousands of years to protect us from danger. This is better known as the flight or fight response. It basically gets the body ready for action. What essentially happens is that when you’re in danger, the brain’s hypothalamus sends triggers (chemical and nervous both) to adrenals which sits on top of our kidneys.


These adrenals churn out hormones known as cortisol which raise our blood pressure and sugar level. If you’re planning to outrun a running bus heading towards you, this comes in handy. But on a long term basis, if this continues then it is harmful for your overall strength.

2. Cravings:

Cortisol also releases a craving for sugar and fat during stress. It is believed that this hormone links the receptors in the brain to that of food control intake. So if you already have a high body mass index you’re very, very susceptible.


Understand what causes this trigger and be ready to face it. Keep a stack of healthy snacks and make sure that you don’t binge on unhealthy snacks. That means steer clear away from the vending machines.

3. Fat Storage:

Weight gain can directly be correlated to stress gain. Of course it is related to poor eating during stress. But another side effect of cortisol release during stress is the fact that it can increase the amount of fat tissue that is there in your body. It enlarges the size of your fat cells.



What is more alarming is that higher levels of cortisol directly implies to a paunch. Now you know the reason behind the higher the pay package the higher the responsibility and thus the bigger the paunch.

However don’t take stress. A balanced diet, regular exercising and 6-8 hours of decent sleep is enough to keep stress away.