How Distance Running Might Not Be Helping You

Are you, as a gym freak, spending considerable time every day in distance running with the hope of burning your extra flab? Are you sure that this exercise regime is helping you? To be honest, distance running might lead to muscle loss than fat loss! In case you are curious and wish to know if distance running is really helpful for you, start reading ahead.




1. Muscle Fat Serves As Fuel:

When you run for long distance, you might end up losing more muscle mass that you build with gym exercises for men, as compared to your body fat! The fundamental reason behind it is that in long distance running, the body derives its fuel from fat scored in muscles more than that of the flabby areas of your body. As a result, the equation between body fat and lean muscles gets disrupted, thereby making you deviate from your project of losing body fat.



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2. Overall Monotony Leads To Lesser Merits:

An hour’s session of any other cardio exercise makes you perform combination of exercises of low, high and medium intensity. This creates differential effects on the extent of calories you burn. Thus, if you compare the effect of any other cardio exercise on your body fat for a specific span of time with that of distance running, you will find that the latter process gives you lesser outcome. Actually, distance running is monotonous in nature. You maintain the same speed and posture when you run long distances. Eventually, the intensity at which the extra calories burn in your body gets comparatively reduced as the metabolic process gets stabilized. As a result, your weight loss project gets much delayed in comparison to the labor you invest in long distance running.



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3. You Go Longer, But In Vain:

If you closely observe your moves, you will find that when you step onto a treadmill or opt for short distance learning the intensity of exercising increases. Let us explain this more elaborately; when you start walking on a treadmill, you start at a slower pace and gradually increase the intensity of your pace. Same is the case with short distance runners who start slow, gain speed and run at the top of their energy when they come closer to their destination. But the case is never so in case of distance running. As the rule applies, you have to maintain the same intensity of pace throughout your running session. Thus, the rate of metabolism in your body remains at a constant level and does not work much towards cutting body fat faster.



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As you see, you basically only gain by the length of distance when you opt for distance running. Unfortunately, you cannot say that you can successfully reduce your flab faster with this method!