Gymming Myths You Must Not Believe

When it comes to gym workouts for men, people have these random notions about what is good and what is bad. Unnecessary mind-sets are formed about things, which people follow blindly. Here are some common gymming myths, which we shall debunk for you:




1. Free weights are more dangerous than Machines:

This is not true because machines aren’t always customised to your body and if you use it after someone else without adjusting then it can be really bad for your posture. You should always ask a trainer or employee to set the machine for you until you are trained enough.



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2. If you don’t Sweat, you aren’t working hard:

When men exercise, sweating is just a way for the body to cool off. Sometimes during weight training, you may hardly sweat, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t working out hard. Everyone has different body types, and some people may not sweat easily. It has nothing to do with working out hard or not working out hard.



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3. Running is bad for your knees:

Studies show that old people who followed gym exercises for men such as running on the treadmill, and those who didn’t had no correlation with someone who had bad knees or not. Yes, if you already have bad knees, then you should exercise according to your physician, but unless you are doing something wrong, running can’t create issues in your knees.



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4. No rest gives the best results:

Your body needs rest days because there is such a thing as over training. If you don’t give your muscles the crucial rest that they need and become a total gym freak, then you might just injure yourself in the long run. So a rest day every week, or every three days is mandatory.



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There are a lot of silly myths that people put stock in, but if you work out or plan on seriously working out then you should consult a proper trainer or read up on it because if you don’t work out properly then you can injure yourself in the long run.