Foods/Beverages to add in your diet to stay fit during monsoon

The sweltering summer is on the verge of the end, and undeniably, rain after summer is a pleasant experience. But as they say, “No pain, no gain”. The joy of this pleasant experience comes with the pain of health issues including cough, cold, diarrhoea and flu. But, the good news for the readers is that these health problems can be easily dealt with by keeping a watch on the diet. If you are already following a healthy diet, then just add the following foods/beverages to your list of healthy foods for men to increase your metabolic rate and enhance the functioning of digestive system.


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1. Ginger Tea :

In monsoon, starting your day with a cup of ginger tea not only uplifts your mood but also boosts your metabolic rate. Grate some fresh ginger into a mug, add warm water, squeeze a lemon and you are good to go. Your daily dose of immunity-booster is all set for consumption.

2. Turmeric Milk :

Turmeric is the yellow-hued staple spice powder found in every Indian kitchen. This natural antibiotic and antiseptic agent is a widely accepted immunity booster. A glass of milk with the ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder a day keeps the doctor away!

3. Garlic Rasam :

Garlic cloves are used as an ingredient in almost every recipe to satiate taste buds. The jewel in the crown is its antioxidant property, which boosts the immune system. Garlic cloves are used in almost all Indian recipes, but the healthiest way to relish garlic is garlic rasam.

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4. Beetroot: A perfect detoxing veggie :

Beetroots are not just low in calories, but they also act as an ideal veggie in the process of detoxifying. A glass of beetroot juice aids in boosting the stamina and revitalising your body and mind. You can also try some stir fry grated beets with grated carrots along with a seasoning of cumin seeds and black pepper.


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Add the foods/beverages mentioned above to your diet and stay healthy this monsoon.