Foods You Must Avoid That Cause Allergies

While you stick to recommended diet chart for men and also follow the suggested exercises for men to remain in best of health, there are some common allergies that you should know to be caused by certain foods. While any food can be a cause of allergy but primarily, according to the various available studies given below are the top foods that can cause an immediate allergic reaction.

You should know that a food allergy results in an abnormal immune response that usually results in inflammation, swelling of the tongue, mouth or face. Other common symptoms include breathing problems, low blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, and rashes.

1. Cow’s Milk:

Young adults often complain of indigestion and allergy related symptoms due to the intake of cow’s milk, this is mainly due to the exposure to cow’s milk or protein during their childhood. Be careful if you notice the symptoms of diarrhea, swelling, rashes, or vomiting – you should simply avoid products or the consumption of cow’s milk. Take precautions while you eat or drink milk-based products that include Milk, Milk powder, Cheese, Butter, Yogurt, Cream and even Ice cream.



2. Eggs:

An egg allergy is one of the most common ailments, you can notice problems like stomachache, skin reactions, respiratory problems due to the intake of either just egg whites or just yolks or both. To avoid the reactions with egg, you will just need to change the form of egg you generally prefer to eat – as that is less likely to cause allergy. Have baked biscuits or cakes containing a cooked egg component, as you will probably be easily tolerate that. Nevertheless, this isn’t the case for everybody, and do check with your doctor before you reintroducing egg-containing foods in your diet.



3. Tree Nuts:

Tree nuts are also known to trigger allergy amongst people. If that is the case with you avoid taking tree nuts such as Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, and Walnuts. It is also recommended to avoid products that are based on these nuts especially various nut butter and oils. According to available studies, an allergy to tree nuts is usually a lifelong condition hence people are recommended to keep with them an epi-pen, this is a potentially life-saving device that contains a shot of that stimulates the body to fight the allergens.



4. Soy:

This is also common food allergen that can result in symptoms like itchiness, prickly mouth, and running nose. It can also escalate to body rashes and breathing problems. You should avoid allergy-triggering food such as soybeans and soy products like soy milk or soy sauce.