Food To Eat To Gain Weight

For most people, getting fit means losing weight and getting into shape. For some people however, who have a really fast metabolism, it’s hard to put on weight, and they end up looking slimmer than what is healthy and thin. If you are also one such man, then in your diet plan for men, you can include these healthy and fattening foods which will help you put on weight:




1. Dry Fruits:

Nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts are very rich in fat and nutrients. Even people who don’t have to gain weight should consume some regularly. Make it a part of your daily diet and it will make you gain weight in a healthy way.



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2. Lean Red Meat:

Not the healthiest food item if you consume too much as red meat is high in cholesterol. Steak has a lot of iron and protein, but you have to find good cuts of meat before you include it in your diet chart for men. It’s probably the most delicious way to gain weight and something overweight people really have to avoid.



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3. Whole Fat Milk:

A simple switch you can make in your diet for men is switching your skim milk with whole fat milk. It’s 60 calories more per glass and there are more nutrients in the milk if you leave the fat in. Pair it with a heavy fruit like a banana or a mango and your weight will boost upstart to grow.



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4. Potatoes:

When people try to lose weight, they try to cut carbohydrates. Potatoes are rich in them and adding them to diet will give you a great source of Vitamin C carbohydrates and other nutrientstion.



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Including these simple and delicious foods in your diet will help you increase weight fast and contribute to a healthy diet plan for men. You will start noticing changes in health and fitness fast, but remember not to overdo any of these foods as excess of anything is bad and you may end up gaining unhealthy weight too.