Fitness Experts Steps To Flatten A Bloated Belly

Belly bloat is a common problem that men face, especially when wearing skinny jeans. The sight of bulging around your waistline becomes an instant cause of worry. Bloating in the stomach is triggered by a variety of factors including unhealthy food choices, lack of recommended exercises for men, due to high intake of sodium in the diet and even due to lack of water. Following are the best steps, as recommended by fitness if you are troubled by the bloating of your tummy.

Step 1 : Modify your eating habits

You will to bring about changes in your lifestyle, prefer the ketogenic diet that has reduced calories, especially if you are overweight. Make efforts to reduce at least 500 calories from your diet by following suggested diet chart for men.



Step 2 : Switch to all-natural high-fiber foods

High fiber foods will quickly reduce bloating as they will help in digestion. Make sure to include raw fibrous foods including whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Avoid over-eating the processed foods that are harder to digest and causes gas and bloating.



Step 3 : Reduce the sodium

Increase in the sodium causes retention of water that results in belly bloat, hence reduce the amount of sodium you consume in your meals, processed foods. Instead of sodium-based salts, you can try flavors to salads, fruits, and vegetables or simply switch to herbal seasonings.

Step 4 : Fill More Water

You will have to drink at least 2-3 liters of water in a day if you travel often carry a fresh water bottle. The more you drink water, the more puffiness in your stomach is reduced.



Step 5 : Avoid milk and milk-based products

Dairy consumption leads to midsection bloating due to the lactose (sugars) in milk. Often digestion of milk lactose results in stomach problems like gas, diarrhea and bloating, opt for soy milk. You should also use cheese that is prepared from soy instead of milk-based cheeses.



Step 6 : Adhere to gym workouts for men

You will have to stay physically active to burn adequate calories daily through the activities like running, swimming or just walking. Every day you must spend at least 40-60 minutes on recommended cardiovascular exercise for at least five days per week. Full-body workouts such as pushups, sit-ups, lunges, dumbbell shoulder press, squats and barbell triceps will help you overcome the problem of bloating