Fit Bit – Why You Need One

This is the generation of FitBit users. In fact, from elderly people to youngsters everyone seems to be using this to get healthy and stay fit. But what exactly is it? A FitBit is a health and fitness tracker that is worn by a person while he or she goes about daily activities.


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The device syncs all the data to the smart phone via bluetooth and computer via USB dongle. Now let’s understand why you must own one:


1. A FitBit Sets Health Goals For You:

No, we are not talking figuratively here. It literally does this! Your health goals are adjustable. You can change them if you want to but the first step is taken by the device. It even cheers you on if you achieve certain goals of the day.

The device makes use of brightly coloured graphs and progress bars. As you get closer to your goals, the bars turn green and FitBit applauds you. Trust us: before you know, the device becomes an important part of your life.


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2. The FitBit Makes You Move A Lot:

Now because you have goals to meet, you end up taking extra steps. You, invariably, started walking a lot. Apart from, the FitBit also keeps a tab on your running and hiking activities in case, you prefer these to walking.

The device even counts the number of calories you lose while performing your yoga asanas. The FitBit puts a blue check mark on the exercises you do every day. It takes complete care of your regime.



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3. The FitBit Encourages You To Eat Healthy:

If you hate counting calories, then the FitBit will do it for you. All you have to do is log what you eat. When we say everything, we literally mean everything. Believe it or not; the result will be healthier choices – because you know something is keeping a tab on your food choices and if you don’t make changes, the results are going to make you unhappy.




4. The FitBit Makes You Drink More Water:

It is hard to believe but some people forget to take their daily intake of water. It is bad for your body. The FitBit has a water log too and therefore, it becomes easy to remember to drink water at regular intervals. The progress bar fills up every time you have water.


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The FitBit is not a magic lamp. It just arms you with the information you need to take healthier choices. It literally tracks everything – including your blood pressure, blood glucose levels and heart rate. So make use of it fully!