Everything you need to know about cheat day

Going on a diet to accomplish summer body goals is the latest fashion trend but deprivation too often can result into a downturn. As Gigi Hadid says, “Eat clean to stay fit. Have a burger to stay sane”. Resisting from the food we love can drive us insane. Phew, thank god! Cheat days exist.
But, does a cheat day give you a license for bingeing?
Scroll down to know everything about a cheat day and how it pans out our ‘how to lose weight’ process without resisting the food we love.

Everything you need to know about cheat day


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1. Cheating is allowed once a week :

To lead a healthy lifestyle, make healthy food choices 6 days a week and cut yourself some slack once a week. Pampering yourself with food is allowed, but do not forget to do it mindfully and wisely.

Cheating is allowed once a week


2. Processed food? AVOID. :

Been dieting for a while? Craving for your favorite pavbhaji, momos and chaat? Don’t worry, my friend! Cheat day is allowed once in a while. But, refrain from having processed or packed food like Lays andTetra pack juice during your cheat day.

Processed food AVOID.


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3. ‘No bingeing’ is the success mantra :

The feel of indulging in our favorite food is inexplicable. So, have the time of your life hogging on your favorite food on the cheat day. But overindulgence is surely a NO!

‘No bingeing’ is the success mantra


4. How about a cheat meal? :

How about grabbing a cheat meal instead of cossetting yourself with a whole cheat day? This way you can keep your favorite food around by concurrently being considerate to your ‘calorie intake’.

How about a cheat meal


5. More of carbs and less of junk :

The leaner you get, the more cheat days are allowed. But during a cheat day, lay emphasis on consuming carbs instead of junk.

More of carbs and less of junk

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If you’ve been following your diet strictly then it’s time to reward yourself with a cheat day. But hey, do not betray your work out on a cheat day. Happy DIETING!