Eccentricities of a Fitness Freak

These days, more and more men are becoming conscious of their health and fitness. They want to look good and stay in shape. Chances are that you are also a fitness freak, which is a good thing for your own health and your love life, but have you noticed that you have developed certain habit or rather eccentricities that you didn’t have earlier. Let us have a look at these eccentricities of fitness freaks like you.



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1. No Oils, No Fats:

They are very particular about their diets and take carbohydrates and proteins in the amount prescribed by their trainers. They are strictly against taking fats and oily food. If you are a fitness freak, chances are that you too must have spilled waters on the elaborate dinner preparations of a host or two, owing to your obsession with sticking to your diet.




2. Mirror Obsessed

It is a wrong stereotype that only women check mirrors. Men too check themselves, even more often than women do, if they are fitness freaks. They keep looking at their biceps and chest, trying to see if their muscle bulge has enhanced or not. This however turns into an obsession when they do it every minute.



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3. Apps The Way:

Ask for any fitness freak’s phone and you will find that the no. of fitness apps is more than all other apps combined. They use various apps to monitor their diet and workout regime on a regular basis. They make regular charts, goals, and schedules, and check whether they have been able to complete them or not.




4. Salman Fans, Mostly:

Not stereotyping the entire community of fitness freaks, but chances are that the fitness freak next to you might be a fan of Salman Khan. He may not like him much as an actor, but he will surely have him as his ideal or fitness guru.


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If you too are a gym freak, you most definitely smiled and checked all these points as you read. But it’s okay. There is nothing wrong in these eccentricities. At least they get you noticed and tell the world that you are more conscious of health than them. And as long as your being a fitness freak becomes a reason for female attention, who cares, right?