Early Signs Of Depression And How To Come Out Of It

Let’s face it No one wants to talk about depression. Most people take it as a sign of excessive emotions and weakness. Even though the chances of getting depressed are more among women, men however are at a higher suicide risk. So how does one know that he or she is suffering from depression? What are the basic symptoms? Have a look:




1. Fatigue:

Feeling tired? Don’t want to move around or talk to anyone? Want to lie in bed and sleep all day long? Well, depressed people undergo many physical and emotional changes—and one of them is fatigue or rather, slowing down of physical movements, thought processes and speech.




2. Lack of Focus:

Depressed people tend to zone out faster. They have a short attention span and are not able to concentrate on anything properly. Since being depression involves dealing with negative thoughts, the constant destructive thinking makes it difficult to focus.



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3. Unbalanced Sleep Cycle:

If you are depressed, you will either have trouble getting out of the bed or going to sleep—both of which have terrible effects on the body. This is mostly due to the negative thoughts floating in your head. You would either want to not do any thinking or your thoughts will keep you awake.



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4. Health Problems:

Constipation, diarrhea, backaches and headaches are common health problems amongst depressed people. Most of the patients, especially men, don’t realize this but chronic pain and digestive disorders go hand-in-hand with depression.




What are the ways through which one can combat this psychological disorder?


1. Exercise For Men:

Yes, medication is an option to keep the negative thoughts at bay but it doesn’t offer a long-term solution. Therefore, exercise! Release some endorphins; let your brain produce happy thoughts. Make healthy lifestyle changes.



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2. Socialize More:

Nurture your social connections. Meet friends, go out for coffee, host get-togethers at your place—keep yourself distracted. Being around others can do you wonders—physically, emotionally and mentally!




3. Indulge in Hobbies:

Join a sports club or a dance class. Learn how to play an instrument or become a part of a book reading club. Cultivate your hobbies. Keep yourself occupied with different creative activities.



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The treatment of depression is an on-going process. No amount of medication can help you evade those negative thoughts. Only your efforts will take you out of this emotional hell. Don’t be afraid to speak out about it and see a cousellor.