Diet Meal Plans For Soccer Players

If you practice hard on the ground, you need to give extreme attention to your diet meal plan. Soccer is an intense game that drains a lot of energy, replacing those calories with the right foods in the right amount is needed to improve your strength, stamina, and performance. Professional and semi-professional football players have their practice sessions in the morning hours while keeping the recommended cardiovascular exercises for men for the second half of the day. Before and after the suggested gym workouts for men, players restrict themselves to a well-structured nutrition plan to recuperate for the next day’s exercise. We present you the diet meal plan for the soccer players.

1. Breakfast:

Large bowl of breakfast cereals (preferably maize, millets or oats) + 250-300 ml of skimmed milk + water with a tsp of honey and raisins if desired. Do not forget to eat 250- 300 ml fresh fruit juice preferably mixed fruit – banana, mango, apple or avocado. Avoid drinking tea or coffee.



2. Before football session (45 minutes):

Bowl of oats with sprouted beans. Add a 1-2 banana or avocado and completely hydrate yourself. Avoid tea, coffee or alcoholic beverages.



3. During Football session (90 minutes):

Whenever you get time keep sipping water or preferably isotonic drink that will help you to keep energized.



4. Immediately after post-training:

Have at least 25-30 gm of Whey protein powder along with 25 gm of water with dextrose.



5. Lunch:

Wheat or Rice based bread with vegetarian or non-vegetarian sources of protein (100-250 gm) prepared in olive oil along with low-fat curd. Also have minimum 100 – 200 gm of nuts and sprouted seeds along with green salad containing yellow and red fruits like plums, papaya or peaches. Drink water after 15 minutes after the meal.



6. Evening Meal:

Have at least 200-250 gm of beans, soya curry or fish, chicken breast curry prepared with herbs along with salad consisting of sweet potatoes and/or broccoli, green leafy vegetables preferably spinach. Drink low-fat milk or buttermilk filled with nuts 60 minutes before going to bed.