Bollywood Actors Who Give Fitness Goals To Men

You are enamoured with their performances on-screen. You try to copy their dressing style. You are definitely in awe of their physique and often find your fitness inspiration in them. Let’s face it: As a gym freak, you must wonder what the fitness objectives of these stars are like, right?




So let us analyze the exercise regime of some popular actors that will instantly inspire you to hit the gym and follow a healthy diet for men right away. Read on:


1. Siddharth Malhotra:

The ‘Student of the Year’ star is known for his good looks and lean body. Did you know that he changes his workout regime every 3-4 weeks to avoid boredom? A combination of weight training, running and swimming his fitness plan is compact yet exhaustive. He also loves to play football and prefers eating organic and home-cooked food only.



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2. Shahid Kapoor:

He is the quintessential chocolate boy of Bollywood!Shahid’s workout regime is divided into two parts, spread across the entire week. He consumes 5-6 small protein-rich meals every day. Known for roles in films such as Kaminey and Haider, it is not difficult to believe that the newly-married star works hard on not only his acting skills but also his body.




3. John Abraham:

Brisk walking, weight-lifting, and cardio these are the things you need to do dedicatedly, if you want to bulk up like John Abraham. According to the ‘Madras Café’ star, you get a better endurance training effect from running or brisk walking after lifting weights. John is also particular about the diet he follows.



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4. Tiger Shroff:

A good dancer and a martial arts expert he sure is talented and seen as one of the fittest actors in Bollywood today. Those bulging biceps and ripped muscles are the result of a serious workout regime and controlled diet for men. He is also self-acclaimed tech geek and a proud owner of Fitbit-a wearable, wireless activity tracker—that keeps a record of the number of steps walked, number of hours of sleep, etc.



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5. Akshay Kumar:

The 48-year-old actor can give any young actor a run for money. Akshay is a well-known martial arts and adventure sports enthusiast. His day starts at 4 in the morning, followed by a hardcore fitness regime that includes martial arts, swimming, meditation, and stretching exercises. He even plays baseball thrice a week and has publicly emphasized on following a disciplined life.



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If you want to get back in shape and have a body to die for—now is the time to start! Don’t follow the regime of one particular actor. Instead, take notes from all and come up with a workout plan that you really enjoy following.