Best Fat Burning Food & Drinks For Losing Weight

With the sedentary lives we lead, it becomes tough to find time to exercise or practice yoga. Moreover, keeping a watch on diet is also a task—given the kind of work schedule most people follow. The good news is there are healthy foods, particularly for men, that can help you shed the extra kilos in a flash!




So what are those nourishments that will help you in instantly burning calories and staying fit?Have a look:


1. Whole Grains & Legumes:

The easiest way to lose extra weight is by consuming whole grains and legumes. In fact, your body will break down whole foods the ones rich in fibre such as brown rice and oatmeal faster than processed foods. In addition to this, a cup of black beans (legumes) will provide you an impressive 15 grams of solid protein, without letting you consume the saturated fat present in other protein sources.



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2. Lean Meats:

Want a non-vegetarian food that is high on protein and low on fat? Well, lean meats are the answer for you. You will burn about 30 per cent of the calories by consuming skinless chicken and turkey. Fish is also a super food that is rich in proteins. People who are professional athletes and sportsmen consume fish in huge quantities. So if you are a gym freak, eat fish!




3. Green Tea:

It’s not a myth; it’s true that an appropriate consumption of green tea will assist you in losing weight. It will not only increase your metabolism by strengthening the cells inside your body, but also boost your energy levels to the hilt. Have a cup after early in the morning and another in the afternoon for best results.



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4. Leafy Vegetables:

Love it or hate it green leafy vegetables will always come to your rescue if you are planning to lose weight. Broccoli, for instance, is rich in fibre and calcium. Cabbage, on the other hand, is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C. Cauliflower is a great source of folate and vitamin C. There are plentiful options you choose!



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5. Buttermilk:

One glass of low-fat buttermilk comprises 98 calories—yep—just 98 calories! So the next time you have the urge of having a spirited drink, consume buttermilk instead. It will quench your thirst, fight acidity and of course, make you leaner.




Guys, it is time to stock your pantry with the above-mentioned foods and beverages. Fill your hungry belly with these weight loss staples.Trust us, their consumption leads to a marvelous weight loss. Try this diet plan for men and let us know your thoughts.