Best Exercises For Building Shoulder Muscles

Having a set of broad shoulders instantly enhances your masculinity, right? Well, a survey by Cosmopolitan magazine revealed that the first physical attribute that a woman notices in a man are his shoulders! On a more serious note, shoulders are the most widely used muscle in the upper body and we use them all the time, knowingly or unknowingly.You can get stronger shoulders with these 5 easy exercises:




1. Opt for Side Lateral Raise:

If you are a gym freak, then you would be aware of this simple exercise. Stick your feet firmly in line with the shoulder width. Now, hold the dumb-bells close to your chest. Slightly bend your elbows and raise the dumb-bells just above your shoulder blades. Complete the movement with your closed palms facing the floor. Repeat the set 10-20 times.


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2. Perform Shrugs:

Want to build mass and doa gym exercise that is more intense? Well, shrugs are apt for you. Use a barbell or dumb-bells—weight of which you should decide depending on your capacity—and work three or four sets of a minimum of 20 reps. Hold the top position for a little more than a second on each rep.




3. Do Military Press:

This is a popular form of heavy-weight exercise. Place a barbell that is chest high, while sitting on a squat rack. Carefully select the weights; grab the barbell, with your palms facing forward. Focus on using your shoulders; avoid putting pressure on your legs, while raising the bar. When at the top of the lift,lock the barbell above your head, slightly behind it. Don’t perform more than four sets of eight.



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4. Go For Free Weights:

Before you make the switch, use an overhead press as it will allow you to only use your shoulders to pick it up. You should eventually opt for free weights as they are better for muscle-building, especially of the shoulders, in the long run.Start with lightweights to get in proper form first.



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Now that you completely appreciate the importance of having well-sculpted shoulders, you must look up for some gym exercises, particularly for men that will help you achieve that. So, go ahead! Start right now because the road to getting attractive shoulders is a long journey.