Bench Press Mistakes That Can Injure You

The Bench Press is one of the most dangerous exercises for men. Do you know if you drop the bar on your face, chest or throat you are dead? Yup. You can even seriously injure your wrists, shoulders and back if you do bench press with a bad form.




If you want to build a strong and massive upper body, then this is the correct exercise. So if you are really serious about staying in shape but are confused about the correct bench press techniques, here are some definite “no-nos”:


1. Don’t Press Your Chest Too Much:

The bench press is performed by lowering the bar to the chest. But where you press it to finish the lift is a crucial moment. Usually, the nipple level is the common cue. Press the bar in a slightly backward position toward the top so that it is over the shoulder in the end. This way, you can use your entire arm to support the bar.



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2. Don’t Let Your Body Loosen Up:

Pull back your shoulders, arch your back mildly and make sure you pull your feet in for traction under the bench. This is the correct set up. A lot depends on how you get off in the start itself. Maintain a stiff body. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hold the bar and in fact, hurt yourself.




3. Don’t Forget To Apply Traction:

The bench press is a press that moves the bar away from the ground. So you have to make sure your lift is strong enough to take the weight. Therefore, it is important to apply solid tension throughout the body to tighten it and to seek strength benefits, of course!



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4. Don’t Ignore Foot Placement:

Once you lie on the bench, straighten your feet and bring them toward your head to the point where your heels are about to detach from the ground. Make sure your heels stay in contact with the floor which in turn will form a solid base for you especially when you are racking the weight.




5. Don’t Let Your Wrists Sag:

Since they handle a lot of weight, despite their small size, it is necessary to maintain a proper posture while holding the bar. Ensure the bar remains directly in line with the forearms. Also, your wrists should always remain tight.



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Make the most out of the bench press exercises by keeping the mistakes in mind. Once you get a hang of the exercise, it is easy to refine it and create sets that you are comfortable performing. It is your body. Therefore, make sure you are not harming it in any way.