A Perfect Workout Schedule For This Winter

The weather outside should not decide whether you stay in bed lazing around or continue achieving your fitness goals. It can be difficult in the winters to get out of bed and start working out which is why here are a few tips to change in your schedule to motivate yourself:


A perfect workout schedule for this winter


1. Keep it happening:

Our bodies end to get used to a particular way of exercising which is why you need to keep switching up your exercises. For example, on leg day instead of doing lunges, you could use a leg curl machine. This tends to keep the mind as well as the body motivated. Making tiny changes can be really helpful when you’re lazy.


Keep it happening

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2. Don’t be afraid to hit the pool:

While most people will run away from the thought of swimming in the cold weather, it I the best exercise for he body because it will make your body stronger by working on its resistance and stamina. Also swimming is one of the best exercises to get rid of fat.


Don’t be afraid to hit the pool

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3. Try home workouts:

It’s a big misunderstanding that a gym is the only place where you can work out. Look around your house and you’ll see perfect equipments to tone that body and gain those muscles. Do one triceps with the help of a chair and use the hard ground for pushups. Use your bed’s height for jump squats.


Try home workouts

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4. It’s all in the mind:

If your brain is trained, nothing can stop you. All you have to do is motivate yourself a little when you wake up on a cold morning. Always keep a body goal and a quote that inspires you as wallpaper in your phone for the easiest access.


It’s all in the mind

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