5 Ways To Burn Fat Without Stepping Into The Gym

Gymming is not everyone’s cup of tea But that’s not the only way to stay fit. A few lifestyle hacks here and there can help shed those love handles slowly and steadily. So here are 5 ways to burn fat without stepping into the gym.



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1.Take lots of P, C and D :

Proteins, calcium and Vitamin D are the nutrients you need to stay as healthy as a horse. Go for a protein rich breakfast that comprises of sprouts and eggs. Embrace the sunshine for natural Vitamin D, try soy milk and Yogurt for calcium.



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2.Early to Bed and Early to Rise :

Never compromise on your sleep. Even if you had to stay up till late for your bff’s party, make up for it by grabbing a power nap in the afternoon.


3.Walk a lot :

If you can’t exercise for the lack of time, try to walk as much as possible. Take brisk steps to soar up calorie burn. As often believed, walking is not just for the legs. It enhances your overall fitness and toughens the muscles.



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4.Bye Bye oils and sugar! :

Oils and sugar are the two sole products that can lead to obesity. Cut them drastically and the results will speak for themselves. Go for sugar-free sachets if you have a sweet palate, and replace heavy oils with healthier and low-calorie versions like Avocado oil.


Think of long-term gains instead of short-term losses. You might have to stay away from your favourite (unhealthy) foods for a while, but in the end, it would be worth the effort!