5 Reasons why every guy should meditate

Do you ever feel that you are a part of some rat race, in the quest of which, you are missing out on actually living your life? The office monotony has made you a workaholic who knows nothing except taking the stress and neglecting one’s own self.

Well, we have the perfect quick fix for this problem- Meditation. Here’s how this healthy activity will change your life phenomenally.

5 Reasons why every guy should meditate

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1. Your respiration will improve :

The easiest way to meditate is by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position while focusing on your breathing patterns. Inhale long, deep breaths through your nose and exhale completely. Ignore all the worldly thoughts that keep rising in your head and just focus on your breaths. Eventually, you will notice an improvement in your respiration. Anxiety, shorter breaths, and blood pressure problems will fade away gradually.

Your respiration will improve

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2. You would become a calmer person :

Meditation is like a chemical-free medicine for your brain. It smoothens and lubricates the wiring of your mind and relieves you of stress and anxiety. Agitation, anger, lethargy, sorrow – all these seem to fade away with regular practice.

You would become a calmer person


3. You will learn to handle situations more patiently :

Meditation helps you put away all the compulsive and negative thoughts that breed over your mind for no reason. When mental clarity is attained, you cease taking the stress and handle even the most stressful situations peacefully.

You will learn to handle situations more patiently

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4. Your physiological state will augment :

With the entire physiological functioning being governed by the brain, it’s essential that you keep your mind healthy. Meditation is the best activity for your brain, as it helps you calm your mind, ultimately rectifying the functioning of your entire body. An even-tempered mind will result in a poised heart-function, thus keeping you fit as a fiddle!

Your physiological state will augment


5. Meditation energises & motivates you :

When the mind lake is placid and untroubled, you can focus better on your work. A calm mind is an automatic energy generator that boosts your efficiency and keeps your spirits high!

Meditation energises & motivates you

We are not suggesting you become a monk and run up into the hills to practice meditation. Meditation is almost like the latest addition to classic fashion. Just take out 10 minutes of your precious time to focus on your breathing and taming your monkey mind.