5 Most Astonishing Wwe Stories

WWE Superstars are hugely popular not just because of their moves in the ring but also outside. Followers get inspired not only to have those sculpted bodies by the recommended gym workouts for men but also take note of the hairstyles, looks and the new trend in fashion for men that they can imbibe in their daily lives. Even though WWE shows are not authentic contests, but purely entertainment-based, we tell the astonishing stories from the world of WWE.

1. Wrestle Mania on Airplane :

In 2002, when the WWE roster was on a flight back to home from a European tour. Things went out of hand as several wrestlers became got drunk, became aggressive and two large wrestlers slammed into the door of the plane! At one point, safety concerns became a real issue. “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig was blamed for the “Plane Ride From Hell”, and several other wrestlers were severely punished for their drunken antics! Following this incident, WWE began its cracking down on the wrestlers who behaved poorly in public. Since then the number of reports of wrestlers doing unpleasant things in public have declined over the following years!




2.The Turban Debacle :

Vince McMahon generally put anything and everything on risk. Once an ex-WWE writer, Patrice O’Neal, the late comedian was working on creative project where Tiger Ali Singh D’Lo Brown were set to wear turbans on WWE TV, Ali Singh had politely asked Vince if he could avoid wearing the turban because of cultural factors to which Vince roared at the Tiger! Vince McMohan’s unwanted behavior was uncalled for and was criticized by O’Neal.




3. The Accidental Death of a Wrestler:

What was the fault of trainer’s negligence, led to this unfortunate incident. In 2001, when Khali was making his break-through in America for a promotion called All Pro Wrestling (APW) based in California, under his original name Dalip Singh. APW in 2001, was training many recruits and trainees. Mr. Brian Ong who was training with Khali, despite suffering from a concussion. APW did not instructed him to seek medical attention told him to continue as result when Brian was hit by Khali twice, and his head struck on the mat and worsened Brian’s concussion, he was immediately taken to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. Brian Ong’s family also brought a Wrongful Death lawsuit against APW and Khali, that made it to the US court in 2005, as a result APW was forced to pay $1.3 million as damages. It was a great relief for Khali that he was never officially charged, and the onus fell solely on APW.