5 Healthy Habits To Adopt In 2016

Every New Year, you make a list of all the things you resolve to change in the next 12 months. However, your enthusiasm fizzles out within the first month itself. It’s the same old story every year! The main problem is that you expect the changes to happen overnight.




Especially, when it comes to losing weight and getting fit, you want the results to show at the earliest.You forget that big changes take time and lots of patience. Therefore, this year, take baby steps to achieve your health & fitness goals.


If you are bent on getting your health back on track in 2016, here are 5 healthy yet easy habits you must adopt:

1. Get Sufficient Sleep:

You can’t and must not compromise with your sleep, especially when you have a stressful professional life! Sleep aids your body to restore and rejuvenate. It also improves mood and helps in weight loss.



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2. Drink Water:

Yes! Water keeps half of your illnesses at bay if you consume it in plentiful quantities every day. It forms an important part of diet for men. It helps in digestion, removal of toxins and improves mental health. Drink a glass of hot water with little lemon juice every morning. It’s the perfect way to detoxify.




3. Have Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate is extremely good for your heart. It helps in reducing blood pressure. It is rich in flavonoids and keeps cholesterol levels to a minimum. It should definitely be a part of a healthy diet for men.



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4. Get More Active In The House:

Believe it or not—doing household chores help you burn lots of calories. Change the linen, cook, clean the kitchen, water your garden, etc to not only be of some help to your mom, girlfriend or wife, but to also get some exercise.




5. Walk:

Did you know that earlier, people used to walkaround a lot than they do nowadays?Walking is good for digestion, posture and bone health. And if you are not a gym freak, then hitting the treadmill is not-so easy; so walk as much as you can.



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6. Swimming:

You can pursue this sport all year round. Besides being fun, it impacts all the muscles of your body and hence, results in faster weight loss. After just a month, you will start noticing less flab in your body.




Look for diet plans for men and exercises that you can easily take up. Don’t keep overly high targets ones that are impossible to achieve. Be sure of the health & fitness plan you wish to execute. Lastly, be realistic.