5 Gym exercises men should avoid

You may love to go beast mode at the gym. However, it is true that not all the exercises benefit your body. Men exercise more than women, and they do it more vigorously, but there are some exercises that men should avoid. Gym freaks with YouTube channels may inspire you to lift and train a certain way, but some of the most popular exercises are also the most dangerous and ineffective ones. As good as working out in the gym may look, some exercises cause more harm than good.

5 Gym exercises men should avoid


1. Dips :

This exercise is an excellent muscle builder. But the positioning of your arms and shoulder width make your shoulders more susceptible to injury. So, it is best to skip the dip. An exercise that almost no one ever gets right, dips can cause some serious shoulder damage if done wrong. Try replacing dips with push-ups instead for a risk-free workout.


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2. 45-Degree Leg Press :

45-Degree Leg Press is one exercise that does more harm than good to your knees. This exercise pushes your back that in turn compresses your spine into a compromising position. The 45-degree leg press can cause dislocation of the back disk and does not use any of your core muscles while training. Swap this exercise with a split squat that improves your balance.

45-Degree Leg Press

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3. Lat Pulldowns Behind the Neck :

Lat pulldowns are not something you can just try and get away with. First, pull downs behind the neck are an incorrect method to exercise. Secondly, when done wrong, Lat pulldowns can rupture your shoulder muscles leading to a severe rotator cuff injury. If you have to do this exercise, always do a Lat pull down in front instead of the back, under the guidance of a trained professional.

Lat Pulldowns Behind the Neck

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4. Seated Leg Extension :

Legs have the important task of holding our body upright and balanced. So, when you perform an exercise like a leg extension, it gives a great pump to the quads. However, the excess force on the shin and lower limbs have an adverse impact on the knees. The overload of weights and intensity of the training can cause a knee injury or ligament tear. Squatting is a much better alternative, which trains not just the legs and back better but also your core muscle.

Seated Leg Extension

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5. Curtsy Lunges :

When you exercise, it makes a difference only when it’s hitting all the right places. Curtsy lunge tones your inner and outer thigh muscles and is a pretty good exercise for them. However, there is a set position to perform this exercise, and you must know how to do it correctly. A slight change in your hip, knee and shoulder alignment can strain the planted leg’s knee. Replace curtsy lunges with forward or reverse lunges rather than stressing your hips and knees with the excess load.

Curtsy Lunges

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It does not matter how long you have been exercising or how fit you are. Sometimes, it is better to avoid some exercises because they cause more damage to the body than gain.