5 Foods to Help you Sleep

Sometimes you may have a little bit of insomnia that you just want to cure with a simple home remedy rather than go to a doctor or take synthetic pills. If you have trouble falling asleep there are some basic foods that you can include in your diet for men to sleep with more ease. Take any of these food items and you will not only fall asleep faster but also more deeply and peacefully.




1. Warm Milk:

You may have heard that a warm cup of milk before bed helps you sleep better and that is true. But along with milk, all dairy products help trigger the sleep inducing melatonin in our bodies and the calcium in them also helps our muscle movement. So incorporate a good dose of cheese, milk, or yoghurt in your diet chart for men.



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2. Rice:

White rice has a high content of glycaemic index so consuming it should significantly reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep. According to an Australian study, jasmine rise in particular can make you fall asleep faster as it was incorporated in the subject’s meal plans and worked better than any other type of rice.



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Some types of fish like tuna, salmon, and halibut have a high content of Vitamin B6, which helps our bodies in manufacturing melatonin and serotonin. These serums help our system relax and fall asleep faster. If you don’t eat non-vegetarian food then you can find B6 in pistachio nuts and raw garlic.



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Almonds are found to have high magnesium content, which is a mineral that is required for peaceful sleep. It’s even a good remedy for headaches. When the body’s magnesium levels are low then it’s harder to stay asleep so make sure that your healthy diet for men includes some almonds.



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5. Lettuce:

Salads are an essential part of a healthy diet plan for men. Green leafy vegetables like lettuce, kale, and spinach contain minerals and calcium that will help your body rest easily.



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So these are some of the best foods to incorporate in your diet if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Most of these should be a part of your regular diet anyway as they are all healthy and include important vitamins and minerals that our bodies need so it’s a win-win!