5 Fatty Foods You Should Avoid

How do you not gain any weight as you grow older?

If your aim is to join those elite people who sail through the years without gaining a single gram then you’ll have quite a challenge in front of you. However, research shows that there is slow but successful way to do this.

Eat Less; Exercise More:




Here’s what you need to do. Reduce your intake of specific foods. Make sure to sleep atleast 6-8 hours daily. Follow a regular exercise regime. And turn off the TV at the right time. While it’s okay to have an alooparantha once in a while, one should also know when to stop.

To help you guys out, we’ve done our research and we’ve figured out the 5 food items that you need to discard your diet right now! Researchers have found that these 5 items are associated with the greatest weight gain over a certain period.

Potato Chips:




Our favourite Indian pass time! Whether it is a night out with friends with alcohol and munchies or watching your favourite IPL team fighting it out at Wankhede, our hands automatically slid into the plastic packets and we start munching shamelessly. But Potato chips are the biggest reason for weight gain. So look out for healthier alternatives like nuts and fruits.

Other Potato Items:




Samosas, aloobhujiya, vadapav, bhajiyapav, alooparantha, alootikki – the list is endless. All of the items mentioned above deep fried in oil which soars your cholesterol level way higher than it should be. One word, avoid!

Sweetened Beverages:




Finishing lunch without a sip of coke? Unimaginable! But these sweetened beverages not only high levels of sugar but also harmful toxins which will affect your health in the long run. Opt for more natural choices like fresh fruit juices or vegetable juices but definitely order without the sugar.

Red Meat:




Yes! We all love our kebabs and our masala curries. But red meat is a huge source of unnecessary fatty elements which should be avoided at all costs. Opt for lean meat such as poultry and fish which are healthier. Fish also has essential fatty acids which is very much needed for a healthy and fit body.

White Bread:




While white bread is considered as a staple food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The truth is that it does not contain any nutritional value whatsoever. It contains a lot of sugar and it cannot keep you full for a longer period of time. Replace it immediately with whole grain or whole wheat bread.