5 Best Known Vegan Body Builders In The World

Protein the essential building block of muscles for the body can be easily derived from plants except for few amino acids that plants do not manufacture. If you are a lacto-ova vegetarian i.e. you do not mind eating milk and eggs then you can easily make up for your amino acids but if you strictly avoid eating eggs and milk then you will need to add lentils with grains in the suggested diet chart for men. Although you cannot compromise on the advised exercise for men you need to make up for your proteins by adding additional protein sources like soy, nuts, quinoa, and hemp. We take you on the motivational journey of these best known vegetarian bodybuilders in the world.



1. Dominick Thompson:

Dominick is a well-known ironman, triathlete, and bodybuilder who became vegan after realizing the draconian ways animals are treated. He is a passionately advocates vegetarianism and strongly oppose cruelty and torture to animals in form. In his own words on the transition to a vegan, he says “Doing something I passionately believe is right made it an easy transition.”



2. Billy Simmonds:

Winner of the Mr. Natural Universe, Billy believes that the best contribution a person can make to himself and to the rest of the world is by adopting vegetarianism. In 2014, Billy co-founded Eco Superfoods, a 100% vegan company that has rapidly grown to become a multi-million-dollar success.



3. K. V Iyer:

Professor K. V Iyer is considered as the father of bodybuilding in modern India as he pioneered the concept of the modern-day gym in 1925. Mr. Iyer was a complete vegetarian and a perfect teetotaler. He always insisted on having vegetarian food containing lots of greens, fruits, ragi, grains, vegetables, chapattis (wheat bread), and yogurt.



4. Sangram Singh:

A professional wrestler who won Gold in 2006 Common Wealth Games is a celebrated brand ambassador of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). He was an arthritic who used to move around in a wheelchair, but with his determination and indomitable spirit, he overcomes all the odds to become one of the World’s Best Professional Wrestler, as adjudged by World Wrestling Professionals, South Africa. He advises his follower’s strict vegetarianism and recommends bodybuilders to have a protein-rich diet like pulses, yogurt, milk-based products, nuts and lots of green vegetables and fruits.

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